About Us

Welcome to Fourtrippers.com! We’re glad you stopped by to visit us.

We are four friends who are extremely passionate about traveling, connecting with other cultures, and most importantly, discovering new adventures!

Meet The Team

Luca - The Adventurer

Luca is always looking for the next big adventure, and one of his favorite things about traveling is connecting with locals. For him, traveling is less about the destination, and more about the experience...so whether it’s a beach, a major city, or a remote spot in the mountains, he has no preference!

Nico - The Philosopher

From exploring remote rainforests in Belize to scuba diving in the Red Sea, Nico enjoys staying off the beaten path. His passport is a collage of authentic destinations, which he always captures from behind the lens of his Leica camera.

Paolo - The Trendsetter

Paolo loves to find the next big thing. Forget about 5 star hotels or crowded resorts…Paolo is the best resource for the best undiscovered food trucks, boutique hotels, and the all around best vacation spots that you’ve never even heard of!

Nicola - The Brain

Not many people have the goal of learning about every culture this world has to offer, but for Nicola, all he needs is a plane ticket, and he’s off to his next destination! He’s been all around the world, and he feels the only way to learn and be inspired is to experience the simplistic beauty this world has to offer.

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All the best,

The Fourtrippers Team