Fourtrippers - Terms and Conditions

Fourtrippers is a free online platform designed to create a community of travel-lover with the solely purpose of gathering travel information useful to plan a trip, book accomodations, flights and excursions and travel packages offered by third-party. Users can interact with other Users in dedicated areas such as "Questions & Answers" linked to each trip. Non-registered User can, as a guest who browses the web pages, access to the published contents, but it won't be able to upload contents, insert comments or questions, search for accommodations, flights or excursions and travel packages offered by third-party. Accessing or simply using fourtrippers.com User accepts to undertake and be bound to the present terms of use, included future modifications that will be unilaterally applied by fourtrippers. Moreover, User accepts that all the data inserted at the time of the registration will be used in compliance with our current Privacy Policy and in compliance with Personal Data Protection existing legislation (D.lgs. 196/03)


  1. Guest :  not registered user who accesses the website pages containing published material;
  2. Registered User or User :  user in possession of a username / password released at the end of the registration procedure;
  3. Attraction : It is the venue (i.e. a park, a museum, a restaurant, a hotel) that a user is planning to see or that has been already visited;
  4. Stopover : it represents a halt of a trip. For each stopover it is necessary to define the place (usually a city) and the time spent in the place, expressed in days. The User can insert a free text to tell what it has done, provide with advice and commenting its own experience;
  5. Trip :  it is composed by one or more Stopovers and, when published, it represents a previous experience while, during planning a trip, it represents a possible future itinerary;
  6. Re-trip :  functionality of the platform that allows a User to copy the structure of an existing Trip as a starting point to plan future Trips.
  7. Inappropriate Content :  Inappropriate content shall be considered, at sole Fourtrippers discretionality, all the linguistic expression, comments, images, observations and everything uploaded, published in any possible way by means of the platform that can be considered obscene offensive, racist, defamatory, harassing, harmful, incitement to hatred or to commit unlawful behaviour, eligible to inhibit or limit, in any manner, the use and enjoyment of the contents of the website by other Users.
  8. Services/Service :  it generically indicates all the services provided by Fourtrippers throughout the website.

Terms of Use

Registered User, other than browsing all the contents published on fourtrippers by means of an internal search engine, can:

Content Responsibility

The User shall grant to have full property on all the uploaded materials and contents and/or published on the website and, consequently, to be legally authorized to manage it without harming third-party property and non-property rights. The website and its contents can be used solely for personal reasons, not for commercial purposes.

Accessing the website, the User commits to abide by all the local laws and regulations, nationally and internationally applicable, and not to transmit and/or publish illegal contents, fully aware to be the sole responsible for the contents transmitted and/or published and the connected risks.

The User expressly accepts and declares not to transmit, publish and/or make publicly available on this website contents to be considered:

  1. Illegal, defamatory, racist, incitement to racial hatred, apology of fascism or nazism, obscene, pornographic, offensive to personal dignity of other users, included intellectual property rights, or, in any case, disputable or in violation of the rules present in the current Terms and Conditions.
  2. Promoting or inciting to commit unlawful act, illicit behaviour, violating rights in any part of the world, or that might cause the violation of national and international rights.
  3. Inappropriate

The User expressly accepts to hold harmless and keep unscathed fourtrippers, licensees, managers, employees and collaborators from and against any claim, damage, responsibility, costs and expenses (including legal expenses) deriving and resulting from the contents uploaded on the website and/or from the violation of the Terms and Conditions.

Fourtrippers Rights

Transfer of the right to use contents

The User grants to Foutrippers a free, not exclusive, perpetuate, irrevocable license that legitimizes fourtrippers to use, copy, divulge, adapt, transmit, sublicense all the contents inserted by the User on the website including, but not limited to, data entry, file upload, comments, questions etc, waiving definitively to claim any rights in respect of the contents.

User's Content Modification

Foutrippers does not exert any control on the Contents divulged, in any way, by the User on the website.

Anyway, Foutrippers withholds the right to accept, modify, translate, delete, at its total discretion and without any upfront notice, also by means of third-party, any content related to a Trip including, but not limited to, Trip description, stopover description, question and/or answer.

Booking with third-party suppliers

The website can redirect to third-party website not related to fourtrippers and/or other subsidiary company. Through the above mentioned third-party website, Users can purchase goods or services directly from third-party suppliers connected via a hyperlink.

Fourtrippers is not responsible for and do not guarantee in any possible way third-party operation, included the delivery and payment of goods and services and all the other Terms and Conditions that remain in charge of the User and of the third-party involved, with no whatsoever obligation for Fourtrippers, that declines every responsibility.

Terms Modification Rights

Fourtrippers withhold the right to modify, entirely or partially, the current Terms and Conditions, with no upfront notice to the Users. That said, the User accepts and commits to periodically consult the present Terms and Conditions.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Rights related to the website, fourtrippers brand, logo, domain names, copyright, as well as any intellectual work, distinctive sign or denomination, are exclusive property of Fourtrippers and/or its assignor and the mere access to the website and/or the Registration do not concede any rights to the User on them. Every use and/or reproduction, even partial, is forbidden without upfront written authorization from Fourtrippers who withhold every rights. Fourtrippers grants the use of the website and its contents exclusively for personal, not commercial, reasons allowing, within such restrictions, the access to the website.

Personal Data

User's data is treated by Fourtrippers, in its quality of Controller, in compliance with the Personal Data Protection existing legislation D. Lgs 186/2003 (Privacy Code), in conformity with the disclosure provided at the time of the registration as well as the Privacy Policy published on this website in its most recent version.User shall grant completeness and accuracy of its personal data.User can consult the Privacy Policy section to read the full disclosure as well as the Terms and Conditions of this website.User can modify his/her personal data by means of the appropriate website section.Although Fourtrippers takes actions to protect Personal Data, it shall not be hold responsible for inappropriate use of this data by third-parties.

Suspension and termination

Fourtrippers withholds the right to suspend or terminate, at any moment and for any reason, the services provided via the website, to terminate the current agreement, suspend or disable the account of the Registered User.In case of the account termination, the account shall be disabled and the Registered User shall have no further access to the account, file or any other content, even if copies of that information can remain on the Fourtrippers infrastructure for a limited amount of time for back-ups or for any other necessary reason to comply with mandatory laws and regulations.Entire Agreement: the present Terms and Conditions constitutes the entire agreement between Fourtrippers and the User and it rules the use of the Services, replacing any possible previous agreement.

Jurisdiction and governing law

The current Terms and Conditions is governed by the Italian Law. Any dispute related to the present Terms and Conditions, its validity, interpretation and execution, and the services provided through the website shall be proceeded under the exclusive jurisdiction of courts in Lucca, Italy.